Dyson has announced that they are moving their corporate headquarters to Singapore. Of course this has nothing to do with Brexit, atleast according to the chief executive Jim Rowan it doesn't.

Given that Sir James Dyson has been an extremely vocal supporter of Brexit, this is either rank hypocrisy or terminal stupidity.

Rank hypocrisy: if they feel that Brexit might affect Dyson negatively and they are trying to protect their firm from the effects.

Terminal stupidity: if it really doesn't have anything to Brexit, the timing is unbelievably poor.

Either way this announcement is very poor and you would have to question if the people who sanctioned such a move and such a timescale on the annoucement are competent to be running a large company.


Source: BBC News - Dyson to move head office to Singapore

Source: Metro Newspaper, published 23rd Nov 2019

Source: Metro - Pro-Brexit Dyson to relocate head offices to tax haven Singapore after Brexit

Header Image: Metro Newspaper