In the absence of any clarity on the Brexit process, Aibus have said they are considering quitting the UK. They currently employ 14,000 people in the UK (and a further 110,000 jobs are linked into the supply chain). That's a huge number of jobs to be at risk :-(


I don't think will be the last such announcement. In the short term this is going to be devistating, especially for the areas where Airbus are based. In the long term, we might be able to get those jobs back in some form of benefit from Brexit, but I think it's unlikely. And certainly no one from the #Leavers or the Government have come up with anything other than vague assertions that it will all be better after Brexit and there will be jam tomorrow.

No doubts the #Leavers will say this is all scaremongering and part of "Project Fear", but at some point these things will become reality. Executive Vice President Programmes Airbus, Tom Williams ‘Far from Project Fear, this is a dawning reality for Airbus. Put simply, a no-deal scenario directly threatens Airbus’ future in the UK’

It would be nice if the #Leavers came up with concrete plans on how they are going to safeguard & protect the livelyhoods of people affected by the Brexit they caused. They caused it - they have a moral obligation to deal with the fallout.


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Source: Metro: Airbus ‘set to quit’ UK over Brexit fears