This just popped up on my Facebook timeline. I originally shared it on the 16th June 2016, 7 days before the Brexit vote. Despite the stupidity of these reasons, which were genuinely being used as arguments for reasons to leave, 7 days later the majority of the population still went and voted to leave. Nearly a year down the line, these reasons are just as stupid and it's shaping up to be the disaster we all thought it would be :-(

Huffington Post UK - 35 Reason to Vote #Leave

As it says at the end ..

On the other hand, if every one of these reasons seems utterly, Trump-lovingly deluded, stop being a bloody idiot and vote #remain.

So as we approach the first anniversary, I don't see any problems mentioned during Brexit by the Leave campaign as being solved by the successful #Leave vote. I just see British politics being massively destabilised which is not good for anyone :-(


"The Tory party only panics in a crisis." - Iain MacLeod