Theresa May has accused the EU of interfering in the coming General Election (7th June). Is this really likely … probably not.

It's a emotive accusation to make at this time, but lets step back for a second and look at the facts.

Brexit is a headache for the EU

Brexit is causing the EU enormous headaches, and a huge number of potential pitfalls for the future. In the worst case it could lead to the complete break up of the EU. Safe to say that the EU will be opposed to it, and would almost certainly like to stop the process if they could. My guess, and this is a personal guess, is that they'd consider the best out come to be for Britian to decide to stop the Brexit process and remain in the EU instead.

What is the purpose of a General Election?

A general election's purpose is to select MPs to serve in Parliment, and to select a particular political party to lead the country. There are currently 3 political parties capable of fulfilling that role at the moment.

  • The Conservatives: The current government. Opposed Brexit in the referendum, but currently resigned to following path selected. Will continue the Brexit process if elected.
  • Labour: In opposition, rather wishes-washy in the referendum but basically opposed to the referendum. Have stated that they would continue with the Brexit process if elected.
  • Liberal Democrats: Currently the third wheel in the UK's 3 party system. The minority party and rank outsiders. The only party that has publicly stated that they would offer a second referendum and the possibility of stopping Brexit.

So the only party that the EU could support that might have a hope of getting them what they want i.e. of stopping the Brexit process, are the rank outsiders. No one in Britian really considers them serious contenders. The EU will know this.

Are the EU interfering?

So do I think the actions that upset Theresa May, an apparent toughening of the stance on Brexit, are designed to support the Liberal Democrats. No. Why? Because there is no link from one to the other. There's nothing that would say to the voters, we're gettting tough and the way you can stop this is by voting for the Liberal Democrats. That to me is the key point.

Having said that, do I think individual politicians from Europe are capable of trying to stick their noses into our General Election in Britian? Definitely, they're politicians. They're capable of just about anything :-)

Do I think that there is an EU wide conspiracy to try and influence the General Election. No.

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