Very interesting article in the Evening Standard last night. The voting on Brexit showed a strong age bias. The more youthful the voter, the more likely they were to vote #Remain. Rosamund Urwin did some calculations based on what happens if you wait a couple of years. During that time a section of your older voters will have died. A new batch of youthful voters will have come of age and now be entitled to vote. Assuming they vote with the same bias as the existing youth, eventually you hit a tipping point where the balance shifts from #Leave to #Remain.

She calculates that the tipping point will happen in 2019/2020 - just about the point that we'll leave the EU if Brexit is allowed to go ahead.

So #Leave will ram a policy decision down the throats of a population that the majority of which no longer wants. And they will undoubtedly do so in the name of "democracy" because they have a "mandate". Ho hum.

Source: Evening Standard - Rosamund Urwin: Brexit limbo is a further insult to Britain’s youth

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