I would guess that the #Leave campaign has realised that it has become somewhat toxic, what with all the lies, half truths and mis-direction they used during the Brexit campaign. So it comes no surprise that they have decided to re-brand themselves. The name they have chosen is Change Britain.

From their new website their aims are -

Change Britain is the campaign to make a success of Britain’s departure from the EU.

We aim to build a broad coalition that brings together people from inside and outside politics, regardless of how they voted in the referendum, to get the job done.

It is time to look forward and tackle the challenges ahead and seize the opportunities that are within reach.

That means supporting the government’s efforts so that Britain’s exit from the EU exploits every opportunity to strengthen the economy, improve our democracy and provide better public services. It means working to build an inclusive society, challenging people who want to exploit division and reconnecting decision makers with the people they serve.

All very lofty statements, but given the history of the people making up this campaign should we believing them?

I find the statement “challenging people who want to exploit division” particularly intersting. From what I've seen of the people involved, their ideas actually involve challenging and attacking anyone who doesn't believe what they believe and doesn't want to do things the way they want it done. Already we have seen evidence of them attacking Theresa May when, according to their own words, we should be supporting.

Also unsurprisingly the promise to boost the NHS by £350 million pounds a week has been dropped from their manifesto.

My own reading of their aims and the flowery words on the website is that they are going to try and pressure the Governemnt into a rapid “hard Brexit”. Other political observers have also reached this conclusion.

Bottom line is I would trust these people about as far as I could throw a rabid elephant.

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