You may need to pay to visit Europe soon and it could cost Britains 300 million pounds.

The EU is drafting legislation similar to that used by the US ESTA system. This requires visitors to either be from a country that is part of the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), or to have a valid visa. If you're part of the VWP you have to apply to visit online and pay a fee.

This means the country your visiting will have full details on you - and can decide that you are undesirable and not allowed entry. As part of the EU we don't suffer from that. If you want to go to France you simply go. If you want to go to Germany just hop on a plan. Once we leave the EU that will change.

This is further complicated by another agreement that is not directly part of the EU.

The Schengen Agreement

Most of the EU is covered by the 26-nation Schengen Agreement. This essentially abolishes internal border controls and visa requirements within the countries who are part of it. You enter one, you can enter any of the others without having to show your passport again. This agreement is actually independent of the EU, though all new countries who join the EU are required by law to join the Agreement. There are only 2 EU countries who are not signatories to the agreement, and those are, you guessed it, the U.K. and Ireland.

Up until now we've been covered by our membership of the EU that guarantees freedom of movement, you show your passport and off you go. But once we leave the EU that will no longer be true. If we'd been part of the Schengen Agreement there might have been some wriggle room, but sadly no we're not part of it.

To visit Europe you'll need a visa or be part of a VWP. Either way, you'll have to apply before you travel, you'll have to pay a fee, and the countries you visit will have full details on you. Big brother will be watching you.

Holiday Costs

Given that, according to the Office of National Statistics, British residents made more than 30m holiday trips to EU countries last year, with Spain (13m visits) and France (8.8m) the most popular destinations, this could get very costly for British holiday makers. American VWP fees are about £10. If the EU imposes a similar fee, Britiains could be paying out £300 million pounds. Ouch!

It is difficult to see what advantages we're going to gain from leaving Europe that will out weigh this and other disadvantages. It feels more and more like we're giving up the world to gain … very little.

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