It's not often that I feel sorry for politicians, after all they volunteered for the role. No one forced them to step into the public firing line. But I have to confess to certain twinges of sympathy for the #remain politicians who are currently trying to sort of the Brexit mess.

Theresa May has been picking up flack from both the opposition and from the #leave die hards in her own party. They accuse her of not yet having a plan for Brexir and for not discussing it with them.

If you are entering negotiations with third parties you often do need keep things under wraps to be successful. If you're planning to buy a house, and you find you're dream home, you don't tell the current owner what your absolute, wring out all the pennies, maximum budget it is, otherwise, surprise, surprise, that's what they'll charge you. You keep it under wraps and bargain.

Plus it takes time to evolve a meaning full plan. It's only been two and a half months. And no one had done any pre-Brexit planning for this eventuality so they are starting from zero. However the #leave campaign pushing for an immediate exit with little or no planning doesn't surprise me. They went into the referendum with no thought for the consequences about what would happen if they won, so why start now? Just get the hell out and worry about what it will do to Britian once we're out. It'll be alright because it's the "right" thing to do. The best you can say this this attitude is that it's naive.

For these people who do think we should just invoke Article 50 and get out now because “it will all work out in the end” I'd invite you to consider a few scenarios.

The Divorcing Couple ...

We've all heard and read of the the divorcing couples who waste all their money fighting each other. They literally destroy themselves in their efforts to ensure they get their “fair share”, while not being willing to give the other person a “fair share”. This could happen when we leave the EU. The other members might decide that the UK needs to be taught a lesson and be left with as little as possible, even if it disadvantages them. There are already hints of this in that the other countries have repeatedly said that they won't engage in any pre-negotiations before we invoke Article 50. If you want to punish someone this is the way to do it. Make sure they are fully committed with no way to back out before you turn the screws on them.

Cutting off your nose ...

Ever heard the phrase Cutting off your nose to spite your face - it exists for a reason … because people do it.

One of the arguments that has been repeatedly used by the #Leave campaign is that when we leave, the EU will negotiate a favourable trade agreement with Britain because to do otherwise would be stupid and disadvantage them. Are they absolutely certain that they wouldn't do it anyway?

The French have always had a certain hostility towards the UK and have been very vocal in demanding that we invoke Article 50 immediately. I think they would love to see us out of the EU and hurt because of it, even if it also hurts them in the process. Is this rational behaviour? No. Is it human behaviour? Unfortunately, yes. :(


The EU doesn't have to reach a trade agreement with us if they don't want to. There is nothing that compels them to reach a trade agreement with us. They might just decide to do that simply to punish us and to scare others who might also be thinking of leaving. If you cripple the UK economically you provide a powerful incentive to force other to stay in the EU. The hurt that it causes them could be deemed to be worth it, because of the problems it will save them in the future.

Source: Sky News - Theresa May: No 'Running Commentary' On Brexit Negotiations