A survey by the British Chambers of Commerce of 800+ businesses, who employ EU staff, found that 5% have already seen EU staff quit over Brexit. 41% have said that their EU staff are worried and 10% said that staff have said they intended to leave the UK because of Brexit.

The results of the survey -

• More than two fifths (41%) of companies that employ EU workers say EU staff have expressed uncertainty over their future residency status

• 5% of businesses that employ EU workers have seen EU employees resign following the vote to leave the European Union

• 10% of businesses have seen their EU employees state their intention to leave the UK

• 60% of businesses surveyed think residency guarantees for EU workers would have a positive impact on their business (the remaining 28% said it would have no impact and a further 9% said they were unsure or it was not applicable)

Needless to say, the BCC have said that British Government needs to clarify the status of EU staff in the UK as soon as possible. And also needs to address what will happen to new hires.

This raises an interesting point. Large firms routinely hire people from across the entire EU to get the talent they need. As Brexit gets closer this is going to be more and more difficult. Who is going to want to accept a job in the UK if you might be thrown out in a few months time? It will hardly make the UK a desirable place to work.

No doubt the #Leave campaign would say this is a great thing as it will create more jobs for UK workers.

The problem is, there is not a sufficient skill pool in the UK to fill these jobs. Contrary to rumour, employers don't go out of their country for skilled workers for fun or to save money. They do it because they can't get the skills they need in-country.

Of course if the EU-wide companies all decide to leave the UK following Brexit this may not be a problem.

Source: British Chambers of Commerce - Press Release

Source: Sky News - 41% Of Businesses Say EU Employees Worried By Brexit