The harsh truths are still out there - the US will prioritise trade deals with the EU and Asia over the UK. We are at the back of the queue. That's hardly surprising when you consider the size of the populations and hence the market for US manufacturers

  • Asia - 4.4 billion people
  • EU - 508 million people
  • UK - 65 million people

This is one of the reasons why we joined the EU. A trading partner with a population of half a billion is far more attractive than a trading partner with a population of 65 million.

Ho hum.

Source: FT - Post-Brexit UK still at back of the queue on trade deals, says Obama

Source: Daily Mail - Back of the queue Theresa! May is pushed into the shadows as Merkel and Obama take centre stage at the G20 meeting after US President tells her Britain MUST wait its turn for trade deal talks