Amazing time - arrived home to find the Special Delivery package from the Irish Embassy in London waiting for me. Opening it, it contained my brand new, freshly printed Irish Passport.

Pictures of cover of Irish Passport

That's it. I am officially, and very proudly, an Irish citizen. Being born in Northern Ireland it had always been in the back of my mind to apply and celebrate the Irish side of my nature, but the Brexit vote gave this a sudden sense of urgency. Now, no matters what happens with Brexit and Article 50, I'll still be able to, as it says in the passport, "pass freely and without hindrance", and work anywhere in the EU.

This becomes important when you're looking for work. Some employers are already reassessing employment of UK nationals (Brexit Day 7: City firm halts recruitment of Brit grads). They want to future proof themselves by employing people who can still move freely about the EU. I know this won't come into force for at least 2 years, but firms are already thinking ahead.

Even international firms that aren't doing anything overt are still assessing the citizenship of their employees to see if they'll be affected in the future. Problem is, not all of them have access to the infomation. Previously all they were worried about was if someone had an EU passport. So long as that was a 'Yes' why worry about exactly what sort. It didn't make any difference, they had the right to live and work in the UK. Suddenly it does make a difference, because in 2 years time they might lose that right and employers might have to find new staff.

But how do you collect that information? OK, most firms will probably have had tick boxes for nationality and 'Do you have the right to work in the UK' somewhere on their application forms. Problem is this won't have picked up is people who have additional nationalities or rights to work elsewhere. They could try and ask their employees but that's going to be tricky as people might want to know why.

As Brexit and the 2 year deadline get closer, I think you'll see more and more employers paying attention to this - especially the pan-European ones.