My Irish Passort Application is now at Stage 6 of 6.

Status: Received on 13/07/2016

Application No. XXXXXXXXXX is at Stage 6 of 6: Your new Passport has been posted.

Your Passport has been posted on 23/08/2016 in An Post envelope reference number . Use this number to track the delivery of your passport at or contact An Post Customer Care service at 1850 575859.

*Please note: only applications submitted in Ireland can be tracked via An Post

Target Issue Date: 22/08/2016
Your Application was Last Updated: 23/08/2016 17:58

You can see in the status there is no reference number. They do warn that if you apply to the Embassy in London, you need to include a pre-paid tracked envelope otherwise they'll send it normal post.

In fact did I included a Prepaid Special Delivery envelope with my application so hopefully it'll turn up in that shortly. Of course what I stupidly forgot to do, was take a note of the tracking number before I put it in the envelope I sent to the Embassy. Doh! :-)

It's worth noting that the application went through stages 4 to 6 in a single afternoon. It really is quick.

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