British Transport police, who provide security on Britian's railways, have reported a sharp increase in the number of hate crimes following the Brexit vote.

Between 24 June and 7 July there was a 57 per cent increase, compared with the previous two weeks and an even sharper rise of 78 per cent on the equivalent period last year.

In Britain in general there were over 6000 hate crimes reported to police in July. It's a slight dip on June's figures, but still represents an increase of a third on the same period last year.

On a personal note, I don't think there has actually been an increase in racist individuals in the UK, I think the existing ones simply feel empowered by the Brexit vote to express their opinions in public. It was unacceptable before, it is unacceptable now. These people must be identified and must be punished. While freedom of thought means people can hold whatever opinions they wish; they are not allowed to threaten or intimidate anyone else because of them. Anyone. Anywhere.

Source: The Independent - 'Race hate' crimes on UK railways increase sharply after Brexit vote