In what has to be one of the weirdest twists in the Brexit saga, Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that he will soon be called "MR. BREXIT".

Cue total confusion from the Twittersphere. What did he mean?

  • Did he mean that, although he's behind in all the polls at the moment and generally considered to have the same change of being president as the preverbial snowball, he'll defy the odds and surprise/shock everyone by winning.

  • Did he mean that he's going to wreak the economy if he wins?

  • Did he mean that he thinks he's going to help Americans take back control of their country, as this is what he apparently believes Brexit means (it doesn't BTW).

  • Did he mean that he's going to stop immigration into the US? As immigration was one of the key issues that lead to a Leave majority? The bitter irony here is that if Britain want's to remain part of the single market, it almost certainly won't be able to stop immigration.

Nobody knows, but most people favour the first interpretation. Almost certainly Donald regards it as a win as everyone is talking about it, but no one is sure what it means. I would say the good news is that he's unlikely to pull it off, but that's what we said about "Leave" and look what happened :(

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