The July figures for Irish Passport applications are out, and as expected there has been a massive spike in the applications from NI and from GB.

The NI figures are up 63% year on year, and the GB figures are up 72% year on year.

The graph below summarises the combined GB and NI figures.

Note the big spike in July :-)

All on all this means they've had an extra 5,647 applications. This isn't a huge number, especially when you realise that in July they had 64,310 applications. But it is a significant increase. The good news is that the total year on year figures for applications in July remained flat, meaning the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade shouldn't be swamped out By this jump.

Total Irish Passport Applications 2015 vs 2016

But it will be very interesting to see if this trend continues. Will the August figures also be up, or will they be even higher? As noted before, it takes time to get an application together if you're trying to make sure it has all the information it needs. I did mine in 3 weeks, but I already had some of the documentation on hand, and critically I already had the application form.

Time will tell, but I'll continue to watch the DFA's stats page with a lot of interest.