In a really fascinating Brexit twist, it turns out that there is a crowd funding project that is going to:

Prosecute dishonest Brexit politicians and bring integrity back to British politics.#BrexitJustice

The aim was to raise at least £100,000 to hire barristers to bring charges against politicians who knowingly and blatantly lied during the Brexit campaign.

Their objectives are:

  1. Raise as much money as we can to ensure we have the resources required for extensive legal action
  2. Formally engage barristers, solicitors and QCs at a fraction of their normal fees/pro bono
  3. Marcus J Ball will take on the risk of being the 'claimant' on behalf of all backers (thus protecting backers)
  4. Prosecute vote leave leaders based upon fraud, misconduct in public office, undue influence and, possibly, inciting racial hatred
  5. Fund a judicial review and other legal action to prevent Brexit.

They've currently raised over £135,000 pounds, so this will be funded.

Given the amount of crap and dis-information that was flying around in the Brexit campaign, from both sides, it would be really fascinating to see one or more of the politicians involved prosecuted for the more mins-leading statements they made. It might encourage other politicians to understand that they are not above he law and to be more truthful in the future.

Personally I'm wishing #BrexitJustice all the good luck in the world with their endeavour. And yes, I will be backing it because sometimes you have to put your wallet where your mouth is.

Oh, in case anyone thinks that this is more Remain sour grapes, they've said they'll b going after politicians from both sides.

#BrexitJustice website:

Source - Business Insider: This man has raised over £90,000 to take pro-Brexit politicians to court for 'lying' to the public