I wonder what Penny Mordaunt thinks of the devistating news of the failed coup attempt in Turkey. During the Leave campaign she went on national television saying that we would be flooded with Turkish immigrants when Turkey joined the EU because we wouldn't be able to stop Turkey from joining the EU.

This was blatant scaremongering and a complete lie. As a member of the EU Britian could have vetoed Turkey joining as can any existing member state. What was even more amazing was that she was allowed to get away with this. Not only that but she is now minister of state at the Department for Work and Pensions. That someone who would spout such falsehoods and engage in such blatant scaremongering is now a government minister is

Penny Mordaunt: 'The UK can't veto Turkey joining EU'

The reason I bring this up now and wonder how Penny Mordaunt feels about the attempted coup, is that another criteria any applicant for the EU must show is political stability and a working democratic system. Turkey clearly has problems with political stability at the moment, and that alone would be enough to bar them from membership of the EU.

The irony of the situation gets worse though. It seems likely that if we want access to the single EU market from outside the EU, one of the concessions we will have to make is to allow free movement of EU nationals through out borders. This means if Turkey ever does become a member in the future we'd have to let their nationals in. Inside the EU we could have blocked Turkey's membership if we weren't happy. Outside we can do nothing.

Well done, Penny Mordaunt, in one possible future for our country you might have open the flood gates to massive immigration over which we have no control.