Theresa May has appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. This makes him our top diplomat, the face of the UK to the rest of the world.

Boris Johnson is a man known for being somewhat unusual even for a politician, having insulted both the president of Turkey and insulted the President of the United States. Hardly glowing references for someone picked for the job of Foreign Secretary. As a friend put it on Facebook, their high hopes that Theresa May was going to draw a line under this sorry episode in British politics and have been dashed within hours. The lunacy continues.

So how is the rest of the world reacting to this news? Mostly by sniggering, apart from Sweden who wishes it was a joke, but knows it isn't.

Seriously? Boris Johnson for Foreign Secretary? Theresa May's credibility has to have gone down a notch or two with just that one appointment.

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And still the world continue to heap derision on Boris Johnson -

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