Today, the press is indicating that Theresa May will invoke Article 50 by the end of the year. This seems to have come from remarks made by one of her closest allies and the Leader of the Commons, Chris Grayling.

She's said that we will trigger Article 50 around the end of this year.

This gives us some breathing spaces as it becomes clearer and clearer that the government is completely unprepared for the complexity of actually invoking Article 50 and disentangling us from the EU. Ironically it appears that the EU is no more prepared for it than we are, they just have the advantage of having more negotiators and civil servants than we do.

When you look at the range of views expressed around Europe about how and when Article 50 should be invoked. What we can and can't negotiate on before or during Brexit, you realise that they are just as confused as we are. It brings to mind the ancient Chinese curse -

May you live in interesting times

Well they don't get much more interesting than this.

Daily Mail: 'Brexit means Brexit': How Theresa May is expected to trigger formal process to quit the EU by the end of the year