Angela Eagle, the former shadow Secretary of State, has announced that she will challenge Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the Labour Party. She has the backing of the required 51 MPs to needed for a formal challenge (20% of the MPs).

There is debate as to whether Jeremy Corbyn also needs to get the support for 20% of the MPs or whether he automatically gets his name on the ballot paper because of his position as the current party leader. This could prove tricky as he recently lost a vote of confidence securing only the support of 40 MPs.

The issues with Jeremy Corbyn seem to stem from people not seeing him as Prime Minister material. So they feel that if they went into a general election with him as their leader, they would lose. He has already lost a vote of no confidence by Labour MPs but has refused to stand down as party leader.

There are concerns that a leadership challenge now will lead the party into a internal civil war that it can not afford.

However in a twist of almost monumental proportions, Angela Eagle is also facing a potential deselection battle with her own constituency of Wallasey.

Liverpool Echo: Angela Eagle to face deselection battle from Wallasey Labour members

Certainly at the moment, Labour can not be seen as a viable alternative to the Conservative Party if an election was to be called now. Whether they will survive this and emerge as a future contender, only time will tell.

Eagle swoops to challenge Corbyn but is compared to Darth Vader