A long but interesting analysis in the Guardian about why the remain campaign failed.

How remain failed: the inside story of a doomed campaign

It kind of reads like a mixture between a perfect storm and a badly written soap drama.

Why did people believe the lies the Leave told about Turkey and the £350M a week? How did a politician get away with telling people not to believe the experts?

In the end it seems to have down to protest vote by a lot of people determined to punish politicians of every party for everything that had gone wrong in the last 40 years and for the contempt they have treated the common man with.

They didn't vote for what they thought was best for Britian, they voted to punish those in power. The irony is of course that they are not the ones who are going to suffer the most from the result. A man on £100k a year can survive being 10% worse off. A man on the minimum wage can't.