Before the referendum we were a nation devided into the Leave campaign and Remain campaign.

After the referendum we are still a nation divided, an article on the BBC website argues. But now the divide is over whether we go for a hard exit or a soft exit from Europe.

Actually I think there are 3 camps now.

  1. People who want a hard exit, as quick and clean as possible and damn the consequences.
  2. People who want a soft exit, giving access to the single market and some freedom of movement.
  3. People who don't want to leave.

Until we invoke Article 50 there is still a chance that the third camp can win.

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

And she definitely hasn't sung yet.

BBC News: The new divide: Hard or soft Brexit? - "The 'hard Brexiters' are those want to act quickly and be gone. They want to curb European migration as quickly as possible, using a points system. They don't much value being part of the single market, and point out that just about every nation in the world has 'access' to it, without being a member. 'Soft Brexiters' want to take their time, and retain as close a relationship with the rest of the European Union as possible. They want access to the single market, and some sort of minor concession on free movement."