I'm getting really fed up with all the accusations of "scaremongering" that have marked the Brexit referendum and beyond. It seems that every time someone says something bad that the opposition don't like, the immediate response is to accuse them of scaremongering. The latest is Conservative Andrea Leadsom, who accused Teresa May of "scaremongering" by saying that she couldn't offer any guarantees to EU migrant workers already working in Britain that they could stay. She then went on to "commit to guaranteeing the rights of our EU friends who've already come here to work". To use another quote to answer her - her "mouth is writing cheques that her body can't cash". She can't offer any such guarantee. It is up to Parliament to make such decisions not her, even if she does become PM.

Politicians should be banned from using the word scaremongering until Brexit is complete. It they want to answer an argument from their opponents they should do so facts, not with vapourish accusations of scaremongering.*