Following the Brexit vote in the UK, the Irish government report that applications by Britains for Irish passports are off the scale.

With an estimated 5 million people in the UK who can claim an Irish passport by virtue of being born in Northern Ireland or through parental descent this could make for interesting times for the Irish passport office.

Already, in the immediate fall out after the Brexit vote, there has been a massive surge in requests for Irish Paaport applications, with post offices and other institutions in the North running out completely. An emergency print run and re-supply is underway to meet this demand.

Longer term, I think we'll see a spike in applications in the period immediately after the vote. Another when Article 50 is invoked, and a massive one as the 2 year deadline to leave the EU approaches after Article 50 is invoked, as people realise what they are about to lose.

On a personal note, I already have an application form and will be applying as soon as I get all the documentation sorted out. I know, in theory we have 2 years minimum to do this, but I worry that the Irish Government might decide to change the criteria in the meantime in a way that might exclude me from applying for citizenship. Once you're actually a citizen it's much more difficult for a country to remove that from you.

Source: The number of applications for Irish passports is out of control