HUGE SHOCK - just before the midday deadline Boris Johnson announced he won't be standing for Leader of the Conservative Party and thus Prime Minister. Up until now he'd been the bookies favourite for the job. Something I couldn't understand as I thought he'd poisoned himself to the 48% of the population that voted to Remain vote.

There's some suggestion that the decision by Michael Gove, one of the other leading Conservatives who supported Leave, to stand had something to do with this. That could be well be true as Michael Gove also said that he didn't think that Boris was up to the job, effectively stabbing him in the back.

I think a lot of people are heaving a collective sigh of relief at this news. The thought that he'd driven us of our Europe and was going to be rewarded by being made Prime Minister was almost too much to bear. Certainly all the people I spoke to just didn't feel they could trust him. One post described him as a "horrible dangerous man". Call me old fashioned, but I think that displays a certain lack of trust :)