Found an article in The Sun in which Sir James Dyson says the future is bright outside of Europe and outlines his 10 point plan for the road ahead.

The Sun: NEW WORLD Top inventor Sir James Dyson lays out his ten point plan for the future of Britain post-Brexit

I am heartened that someone actually seems to have a plan, but disappointment that it's a business man and not a politician.

Unfortunately when you read the 10 points, some of them worry me.

Trade says Europe needs us more than we need them to the tune of £100billion a year. I assume this is saying that we buy this amount from Europe. Great, but we need the revenue to be able to fund that sort of purchasing power. A lot of the money in the UK comes from the finance hub in the City of London. If we lose that hub status to Berlin we lose a lot of that buying power. How attractive are we at point?

Tariffs - he says that people fear that the EU will impose tariffs but the rest of the world trade OK with the EU. Absolutely true, but the rest of the haven't pissed off the EU by leaving. Already there are rumblings that EU must been seen to deal harshly with the UK with no concessions to set an example to others who might be thinking of leaving.

Learn from others - he talks about learning from others and cites Singapore as an example, and says that

"It welcomes foreign trade and investment and, through a combination of low taxes and liberal immigration, has transformed itself into a hi-tech economy."

Fear of uncontrolled immigration was one of the key issues that swung the referendum to vote to leave, and yet here is immigration being cited as one of the keys to success. Also part of Singapore's success has been by making itself as a gateway to the Far Eastern markets. No one needs us as a gateway to Europe.

The Pound - a weak pound is good for exports. No argument, it is, and it will bring in foreign exchange which is excellent, but it does make other things more expensive to buy. Flipside - it's excellent for tourism, we're already seeing an upsurge in visitors from America, bring with them lots of foreign currency, specifically dollars. We like :)

And so on - A lot of the arguments are dependent on us being about to negotiate successful and beneficial trade deals with Europe and the Rest of the World. I really, really hope that we can do this, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to. And if we don't, the world will suddenly become a lot less bright.

At the end of the article he says that now is the time to stop scaremongering. I have no doubt that some will see this article as exactly that - scaremongering.

But I've seen nothing so far to say that my worries aren't justified. An awful lot of the plans for post-Brexit are dependent on a lot of things going right. What do we do if they don't.