As the reality sinks in, people are starting to wonder if the runaway train that is Brexit can actually be stopped or controlled.

An article on MarketWatch lists 5 ways to stop Brexit from happening

Briefly they are:

  1. The government simply don't process the paper work and never invoke Article 50.
  2. Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Parliment veto the use of Article 50 on the basis that it will materially affect Scotland.
  3. Economic shock leads to Brexit rethink - this one is a bit woolly but basically says that the government could reject the vote on the basis that invoking Article 50 would cause so much damage to the UK economy as to destroy it.
  4. Brexit Lite - the UK government negotiate associate or partial membership. Unlikely as all the EU officials and EU leaders have said that wouldn't happen.
  5. Do-over. A second referendum is held to test the country's resolve to leave the EU. Initially everyone said this wouldn't happen, as Parliment wouldn't want to be seen to be defying the will of the people as expressed on Thursday. However this is starting to gain some traction.